Celebrating Haelo – Innovating for Improvement


Haelo was commissioned by the Health Foundation as expert support providers for the Innovating for Improvement programme, round 5 and round 6. The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

Since the launch in April 2017, round 5 have met for their mid point event in September 2017 and round 6 has launched

About the programme

The Health Foundation Innovating for Improvement programme aims to improve health care delivery and/or the way people manage their own health care through the redesign of processes, practices and services. The programme supports clinical teams to develop their innovative ideas and approaches, put them into practice and gather evidence about how their innovation improves quality.

Projects are based in any health or health and social care provider organisation in the UK where health care services are delivered free at the point of delivery. Teams taking part demonstrate a clearly identified and convincing problem that they want to address, i.e a significant quality issue that is relevant to UK health care. Any potential improvements should be practical and generalisable beyond the chosen health care setting.

Projects must provide robust evidence to demonstrate that their idea is genuinely innovative and corresponds with one of the following four descriptions of innovation:

  • Descriptor 1: Innovations with no previous history in any context – they are genuinely new or novel
  • Descriptor 2: Innovations transferred into health care from another sector such as another public service body, another industry or non-health related field
  • Descriptor 3: Innovations transferred into the UK health care sector from health care systems overseas
  • Descriptor 4: Innovations transferred or adapted from one health care setting to another e.g social care to health care

Round 5

The Innovating for Improvement Round 5 was launched in March 2017 at the Royal College of Nursing, London. The event hosted all 22 clinical teams across a vast variety of improvement projects. Delegates attending the launch were given an overview of the programme by Frances Wiseman, Senior Improvement Fellow at The Health Foundation. The focus of this round was on primary care; with ten of the main award winners on this round being primary care organisations. Throughout the event delegates heard from keynote speakers Juliann Hall, Director of Care and Morwenna Foden, Programme Lead for Quality Improvement. A breakdown of the bespoke support model provided by Haelo to help teams navigate their journeys was also provided by Abigail Harrison, Director of Innovation at Haelo and delegates were introduced to ‘the hub’, a shared space to store project documents, access improvement science resources and to connect with other teams in the cohort.

“This isn’t a one approach fits all approach, we work with you and for you until we get it right”

Following the successful launch event, round 5 met for their mid-point in September 2017. Teams were given opportunities to share their journey, learning and experience with each other.

After a presentation from Kurt Bramfitt on sustaining innovation, teams were given time to reflect and develop implementation check lists on these topics such as standardisation, resourcing, training and measurement. To close, an update on Innovating for Improvement and the next steps for the teams before the final event were provided.

“We need good measurement to know if what we are testing is making an improvement”

Watch the film from the mid-point here 


Round 6

Round 6 of Innovating for Improvement was launched in December 2017. The sixth round welcomed another 21 teams on to the 15 month programme. At the event, delegates heard from keynote speaker Professor Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation at NHS England. Prof Young focused on the role of failure in innovation aspiring to make innovation everyone’s business so that the NHS and it’s millions of users will benefit. Following this, delegates took part in a Knowledge Exchange, to connect with others doing similar work. To explore learning and challenges, teams were also split into various break out groups designed around key areas, such as clinician engagement, evaluation, measurement and co-production.

Inspired and full of ideas, the teams re-grouped to discuss what they’ve learned and the next steps before embarking on an exciting few months of working on the programme before the mid-point event.

Day 9 of our Haelo celebration will be looking back at the Safer Together programme. Keep up with the conversation on twitter, using @_Haelo #celebratinghaelo

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