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At Haelo we wanted to provide the space for people to connect with others, be challenged to think differently and be inspired to take action. Haelo Hosts brought together health and social care leaders, clinicians, improvers and disrupters for a conference experience unlike most. Interactive and visually stimulating the focus was on personal stories from people with very different stories to tell but all centred around  challenging the status quo and daring to make a difference.  Running Haelo hosts was a  great opportunity for the whole team to work together and gave us all a huge sense of pride. We were humbled by the amazing people that spoke and had fantastic feedback from delegates. We hope it made a lasting difference in inspiring people to take action.

The inaugural Haleo Hosts conference was held in 2014 and brought together over 100 delegates from across the NHS and other organisations to discuss and learn about improvement science and innovation.

Read more about the event here

Following its success, subsequent events were held in 2015 and 2016.

The 2015 main conference theme was ‘underground improvement’ and celebrated a handpicked group of pioneers who have shown how vision, values, goals, personal strength, endurance, resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity have as much to contribute to improvement as project plans and capability building.

In 2016 the event focussed on ‘daring greatly’, bringing together those with a will to positively influence the delivery of public services, restore hope and become an agent for change.

Read more about the 2015 event here

Read more about the 2016 event here

Day 4 of our Haelo celebration will be looking back at the Deteriorating Patient Collaborative. Keep up with the conversation on twitter, using @_Haelo #celebratinghaelo

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