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Haelo are recruiting an Improvement Fellow to join the team.

Junior Doctor Stuart Holmes has recently completed a successful four month placement with the Science and Capability team here at Haelo. This appointment has led the organisation to see the great value in internships we hope to continue it’s success.

Haelo seeks to develop a cadre of junior doctors who can lead Quality Improvement (QI) in the NHS in the North West of England with a Fellows programme.

We caught up with Stuart, ahead of going to advert for new interns to join our team, to gain insight into his experience…


StuartHWhat did you get out of your time at Haelo?

I learned how to do Quality Improvement ‘properly’ and my time at Haelo exposed me to the ‘bigger picture’ of how healthcare is organised and delivered. It’s been really interesting to get an appreciation of how the whole system works for patients… before I came to Haelo my viewpoint was blinkered to acute medicine and surgery. 

I had lots of opportunities to develop my presentation and facilitation skills as well as learn new skills like writing reports for senior management.  My Fellowship at Haelo was stretching – and not always a walk in the park – but I’m very glad I spent time there post-F2 as I have taken away a wealth of new skills and insights. 

How will Improvement Science be useful for your career as a doctor?

I now have a good foundation in Improvement Science and this will definitely come in very useful when I return to clinical practice. Doctors in training are expected to do lead a Quality Improvement project every year and I now feel that I have the tools to do this effectively.

Why would you recommend this position to your peers?

As junior doctors, we rotate around the hospital every few months, so we have lots of views on what works and doesn’t work in different departments.  An Improvement Science Fellowship at Haelo will teach you evidence-based approaches to tackling problems at the frontline and how to use data to determine what changes have led to improvement. 

Who would this Fellowship be suitable for?

This role would be ideal for a doctor who wants to spend some time doing something different between Foundation and their specialty training. It would particularly suit a doctor who feels frustrated at inefficiencies in the way hospitals run and wants to develop the skills to drive improvement at the frontline. As well as learning about Improvement Science, the Fellowship will provide insight into the broader sphere of health service management. 


You can find out more information and details on the job advertisement, hosted on Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust website.

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