Mental Health Trust to take part in Haelo improvement programme


Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust (BEH) is embarking on a new era in their quality improvement journey.

BEH is teaming up with Haelo, the Innovation and Improvement Science Centre founded at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, (SRFT) as part of their world-renowned quality improvement programme.

“SRFT is considered nationally an outstanding trust,” says BEH’s Chief Executive Maria Kane, “and that is in no small part to its total commitment to improving quality over many years. BEH has always worked hard to improve safety and provide quality and compassionate care for our service users but we now want to take this to the next level, and learn from the best.

“That’s why we have asked Salford’s Improvement Science Centre hosted at SRFT NHS to come and work with us, so we can learn their techniques and methods and embed them in our organisation too. We are developing a culture of continuous improvement both in the quality of our services and in cost effectiveness and this programme will support our staff in this.

“I am committed to helping BEH become the most efficient, innovative, quality driven organisation it can possibly be. We already have lots of quality initiatives in place, and the Haelo programme will bring them all together.

Haelo will work in partnership with BEH over the next year to provide high-level improvement support for the executive team across the organisation.

In a 12-month programme of work, an expert team from Haelo will provide support in three key areas:

  • leadership and development support
  • assessment of the quality improvement expertise within the organisation
  • building capability

The partnership will see the launch of improvement programmes across the Trust. Through this process, Haelo aims to not only improve the quality of healthcare, but also build momentum, resilience and capability among staff to help them continue and embed a culture of improvement.

Haelo will share the experiences from SRFT and other high performing healthcare organisations with key leaders and teams.

Supporting staff through a blend of web-based learning, improvement coaching and site visits, Haelo will work in partnership with BEH to develop a unique improvement strategy aim to have a cadre of individuals equipped to lead large-scale change across BEH and a series of live projects.

Professor Maxine Power, Haelo Chief Executive, said: “These are exciting times for BEH, their enthusiasm for change is palpable and they have shown real commitment to partnership to systematically drive improvement and build improvement capability.

“Improvement Science lets us take change further and faster, opening a huge number of opportunities for the Trust.

“Haelo brings people together, with aligned goals and enables them to share knowledge and develop ideas into powerful tools that lead to healthcare improvement.

“Haelo’s strengths are in bringing together those with the knowledge of improvement science with those who are delivering care. We do this through collaborative learning and capability building.”

Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Improvement Science has enabled Salford Royal to deliver safe, clean and personal care to our patients. Our commitment as an organisation is to improving systems every day. We have invested our time and commitment to building system capability and have seen outstanding results in the last five years.

“We are excited to partner with like-minded organisations. BEH have commissioned Haelo, our innovation and improvement science centre to support their improvement journey. We are excited to be working with them and see great value in the peer learning that we are confident will emerge from this programme.”

Haelo will help BEH to use quality methodology in its day to day clinical and non-clinical work and this focus will help all staff inspire a culture of continuous improvement across the Trust and ensure BEH goes from strength to strength.

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