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Welcome to the event review for the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey (BEH) Mental Health NHS Trust year one summit event and launch of year two.

BEH teamed up with Haelo in September 2016 to mark an exciting new era in their improvement journey. Over 12 months, a team of improvement experts supported a full programme of work that included a team-based improvement collaborative across the Trust. Today marks the summit event celebrating our first year before launching year two of the programme. Follow the activity on twitter via Haelo’s twitter or #BEHLiveLoveDo

Mary Sexton, Executive Director of Nursing, Quality and Governance at BEH and Haelo Programme Manager, Stuart Clough, welcomed the collaborative back together before opening words from Michael Fox, BEH Chairman, regarding the importance of change and improvement in healthcare.

Mary explained, “one of our challenges was that we knew we were improving things, but we weren’t always able to articulate that.” BEH has always worked hard to improve safety and provide quality and compassionate care for their service users but wanted to take this to the next level, and learn from the best. The Live, Love, Do collaborative is structured around three key themes: quality care, happy staff and affordability.

Ben Morris, Project Officer joined Stuart to reflect on the past 12 months starting with learning session one where our key learning included the System of Profound Knowledge, Model for Improvement, Process Mapping and PDSA cycles. In learning session two, teams began to explore data, moving from the traditional sense to using data over tim beginning to identify common and special cause data, whilst also presenting project progress back to the room.

Learning session three saw Haelo improvement alumni Dr Kyriaki Paroutoglou present her experience of working within a collaborative. In this session, teams were beginning to breakthrough, to understand the methodology, understand data and tests of change. In the fourth and final learning session the collaborative mastered data analysis and change concepts using the improvement guide, with an additional focus on sharing improvements with teams, patients and families.

Data analyst and BEH measurement lead, Laura Jackman, was next up to look in depth at the three types of measurement used within the collaborative: the data pack from Haelo, individual team data and skills QI assessment to indicate capability. When analysing team quality improvement skills, we can see the number of session you attend has a direct result on skills.

We then welcomed the Beacon Centre Team to the front as the final team to do their closing presentation in the collaborative. They invited young adults who access their services to join them on stage. The team presented their aim, journey and the challenges faced, expressing to prospective improvers that “it may be a turbulent journey, but it’ll be worth it!” The session was shortly followed by Haringey CRHT, who were invited to present the interesting journey the team have been on over the past 12 months.

Haelo puts a great emphasis on the use of film as a tool for improvement and as a key pathway of effectively communicating messages. Haelo Improvement Advisor, Bob Diepeveen, led a session on sharing learning and the power of stories through film. Teams were guided through some simple steps to becoming a filmmaker and tasked to create their own film on their project so they can share their projects with the world! Thanks to the great engagement in the room we saw some great films that really brought projects come to life.

As we prepare to close the celebration summit event, Mary Sexton returned to the podium to present all 15 teams with their ‘graduation’ certificate. Teams are pictured below in the following order: (L-R) Avon, Barnet CRHT, Barnet Liaison, Beacon Centre, Enfield CYP, Enfield District Nurses, Enfield MHSOP, Finsbury Ward and Haringey Community Rehab.

Also pictured: (L-R) Haringey CRHT, Haringay CRST, Inpatient Forensics, Pheonix Eating Disorders Ward, Suffolk Ward and Wormwood Scrubs.

BEH summit awards 2

Four additional special recognition awards were given to:

  • Most engaged team: Barnet Liaison Service
  • Best use of methodology: Enfield District Nurses
  • Best use of data: Wormwood Scrubs
  • Outstanding Achievement Award: Haringey CRHT

All teams were invited beforehand to prepare to present their project in a marketplace stall. It was fantastic to see the progress and impact of so many amazing projects across BEH. Teams used the Marketplace as an opportunity to network, share learning and ideas.

Looking ahead to year two

Again we welcomed Mary Sexton back to open the afternoon launch event. Mary spoke about how together we will build on the work and learning from year one, but also how to really think about making an impact with our three focus areas: reducing harm, supporting staff and patient experience.

Together with year one teams, BEH Quality Improvement Faculty and Haelo faculty welcomed new BEH staff members to the collaborative and encouraged their future use of faculty to unblock challenges and encourage engagement. In year two, the Haelo team: Stuart Clough, Programme Manager, Bob Diepeveen, Improvement Advisor, Ben Morris, Project Officer, Laura Jackman, Data Analyst and Nick John, Lead Analyst, will be supporting the collaborative.

Mary continued by saying “as an organisation we do some fabulous work. We don’t always recognise it, share it or necessarily articulate what caused the improvement.” Part of this journey has been learning to coordinate and celebrate, which has been very much integrated into the past year.

“Be curious! I’m always going to think we can go further.”

It’s been clear for BEH that this wasn’t an initiative that would come and go in 12 months but a continuous improvement approach. The launch event included two case studies to showcase previous projects to new improvers. The Enfield District Nurses Team were the first team to present, highlighting their use of methodology and team work. Haringey East CSRT were the second case study, selected for their work in overcoming challenges.

Bob Diepeveen returned to the stage to lead a session on quality improvement methodology and what to expect in the next 12 months during the collaborative.

In the final session, Richard Milner, BEH Director of Improvement led a lively session for teams to discuss the methodology discussed, case studies from year one and “improvement buckets” outlined for year two. Facilitated sessions then allowed teams to develop a potential aim and outcomes for their projects in year two.

Finally, Mary brought the event to a close, reflecting on the success in year one and how together we have framed our ambition for year two, saying “continue to learn – there’s no lack of aspiration or ambition at BEH.”

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